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Name:For Lovers of Scriptfic and Screenplays
Location:United States of America
Website:Scriptfics Archive
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Community description:For Lovers of Scriptfic and Screenplays!
I ♥ Scriptfic 

What Is Scriptfic? 
Scriptfic is fanfiction written in scripted and/or screenplay format. Scriptfic can also be fiction with just dialogue and action. You can read more about it here




  1. This community is only for scriptfic or screenplay writers. Original fiction is allowed, but it has to be in scriptfic format.

  2. No derogatory language is to be used here at all.

  3. No kink-shaming, or begging people to write their fics in prose. 

  4. You can promote other communities and fandom events here, but no obsessively. 



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avengers, creative criticism, fandom, ficathon, ficfests, merlin, multifandom, original screenplays, reading, screenplays, screenwriting, scriptfic, sherlock, writers, writing
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