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 When I was first considering screen writing I found this website and it was really helpful. So I thought that I would go ahead and post it here. If you have any suggestions for screen writing resources, please let me know!
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So here is the FAQ's. Please, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments.


Writer’s Signups Begin: August 1, 2016

Writer’s Signups End: August 15, 2016

Final Drafts Are Due: September 17, 2016

Posting Dates Are Posted: September 26, 2016

Posting Begins: October 8, 2016

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Scriptfic Ficfest

Hello everyone and welcome to the I Heart Scriptfic Ficfest Writer's Signs Ups!  Be sure to check out the FAQ''s and the schedule. There is a handy Google calender for this Ficfest as well, so you can easily keep up with the schedule.  You can find it and download it here. Thank you so much for participating and if please if you have any questions please let me know in the comments.

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Welcome to my love community. I'm a screenwriter, but it seems that there is really not a place who love writing screenplays and scriptfic in fandom. So I thought it was high time to get off my duff and make one. All forms of scriptfic is welcomed, no matter what fandom you are in. I also welcome screenwriters who are writing original screenplays as well. Over the course of time, there will be tons of writing challenges, prompts here.  You can ask your writing questions, or if you need to just ask for a beta as well.  Please feel free to check out this community on tumblr, twitter, and facebook


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